Rich Abdill

Maker of internet things

Who I am

My name is Rich. I live in Minneapolis, which is a lovely city in Minnesota. I ride a motorcycle. I hang out with a cat, a teacup poodle, and a hedgehog named Chalupa. My favorite color is green, but it used to be blue. My favorite book is Catch-22, and my favorite sport is spreadsheets.

What I do

Currently, I'm doing JavaScript development on the MEAN stack as a senior engineer at Target. I've previously worked in similar roles, with a focus on cloud deployment and automation, at USA Today and Amazon Web Services, where I was a devops consultant. I'm knee-deep in Node.js right now, but I've worked with Python in the past and am always up for hammering out something new.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - AssociateAWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Stuff I've made

Free-time tinkering free from the bounds of any employer NDA.

Pistol Search

A serverless JavaScript application built using AngularJS plus some elements of material design. Users input criteria into a custom-built faceted search engine that helps wade through handgun design data.

(JavaScript. Under construction. Currently at, source available online.)

Bishop's Map

A browser-based framework for publishing text adventures as web pages or Chrome applications. Allows game authors to define their entire game in JSON and avoid any programming.

(JavaScript, white magic. Under construction. Source available online.)


A project I started to practice scripting and tinker with web spiders. It's a job scraper written in Shell, with a small PHP site that queries the results and displays search data.

(Bash, PHP, MySQL. Source available online.)

Tic-Tac-Toe Robot

A brief venture into machine learning, in which the computer player examines past games of tic-tac-toe to determine (occasionally) correct maneuvers.

(PHP, MySQL.Source available online.)

Open source contributions

I've played an exceedingly minor role in several FOSS projects, mostly in documentation and editing. These projects include:

Contacting Congress
A project to standardize a method of contacting members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives consisting mostly of YAML files defining the configuration of the congressional websites. I contributed one such file for a member of the House. (More information from the Sunlight Foundation)
Chef Supermarket
Corrected outdated references in the canonical cookbook used to deploy the Opscode Supermarket.
Clarified on-site instructions for the GitHub service integration with Trello.
Grails website
Fixed a bug in the (Grails-based) website at that was misdirecting users with incorrectly generated links.
I was building a custom integration with the popular metric aggregation tool when I found an undocumented API option. I turned it a documented one.

Get in touch, or via text at 612-254-9173.

Public key

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