Rich Abdill

Maker of internet things

Who I am

My name is Rich. I live in Minneapolis. I hang out with two cats, two dogs and a lovely woman named Lauren. My hobbies include genealogy and ruining home improvement projects. My favorite color is green, but it used to be blue. My favorite book is Catch-22, and my favorite sport is spreadsheets.

What I do

I'm currently a PhD student at the University of Minnesota studying bioinformatics and computational biology. I work for Dr. Ran Blekhman, whose research focus is on how the human genome interacts with the human microbiome—in short, studying the bacteria that colonize the human body (there are... a lot of them in there), how they affect human health, and what role our DNA plays in managing the whole process.

Previously, I worked as a system programmer at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, and before that as a developer or consultant at companies including USA Today, Target and Amazon Web Services, with a focus on infrastructure automation and cloud architecture.

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